For List Managers

Data Mail can accomodate a wide range of database types, and can help you with list options that best meet your direct mailing needs. In order to keep your data processing costs down, please see that your list meets these general guidelines, or contact us with questions regarding your database.

If you need a mail list, we can acquire a list for you or advise on where to purchase a mail list.

-Your list contains all the nessecary information for USPS approved direct mail: recipient name, address, city, state and zipcode (each in its own seperate field).
-Your list contains an optional address 2 field and/or an optional apartment/suite number field
-You may also have the following information: Company/Organization, Title, Country (for foreign records only).
-For "name" fields, you may either submit a single name field that reads as you want it to appear, or seperate name fields, most commonly: prefix, first name, middle name, last name and name suffix. We can, for an extra cost, parse the name field into seperate pieces with optional gender coding and prefix appending (E.g., parse "Robert Smith" into "Mr.," "Robert," "Smith").

LIST COMBINING, Merge/Duplicate elimination:

    -Data Mail offers full Merge/Purge services. When sending multiple lists for combination please note the following:
    -What information from lists is required on the final mailing label
    -What type of duplicate elimination (if any) is requeseted:

            Some Duplicate Elimination options are:
                            1 per address
                            1 per person per address (exact full name match)
                            1 per household (match by last name and address).
                            Please also specify if you want Tight, Standard or Loose matching.

    -What the priority of the lists is (what list you want to keep the records from in the case of multiple matches, usually the newest list is prioritized)

    -Does your file require Key Coding? Do you need to be able to track response from your lists? Data Mail can code your lists for tracking at a minimal cost.


   -Zips in Radius (all records in a given radius from center point OR select the closest records to that center point up to a given number)
    -National Change of Address (NCOA) processing
    -Append Congressional District or other political information


The most common and problem-free types of files are:

        -Database files (*.dbf)
        -Text files with comma (",") or tab ("    ") delimiters (*.txt, *.csv, *.tab, *.dat) (usually created using either "SAVE AS" or "EXPORT" options)
        -Microsoft Access tables
        -Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets



Email your file to Data Mail. If your file is over 1 megabyte, please zip or otherwise compress your file (using something like Winzip or PKZip)